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1.9tdi. Lost Your Instruments Then Read This

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hi all (99 1.9 tdi)

just done my cyl head for second time and after all back together had no instrument panel, the rev,mph dead, fuel and water half gauge. so checking diagrams ive found that vw in thier wisdom have got the earth wire into that multi connector on rh side of block going in to that then earth.

simple fix on it tho.

locate the brown wire and splice onto it taking a new wire to the bolt that has the earth wires on it at front of mount, and thats it simple but a little fiddly due to lack of room, still got no speedo but its the same fault wire has broken/corroded in the big connector, just jump wires accross or cut them out and make off new ones.

hope this helps someone

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Ah ok, thanks for reply zorg. That block connector you mentioned above, is it on the r/h/s of the engine as you look at it? I have no speedo, and i rekon its the wire fault that you mentioned, but cant seem to see the block of wires. I take it, all of the wires going to this block need to be earthed? Thanks.

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