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  1. could also be the bottom arm bushes that are worn
  2. get them to balance the rear wheels and put them on the front then rebalance the front wheels and put them on the rear wearing out the inner or outer of tyres is normally tracking out run your hand round the tread on the inner worn bit does it seem to be feathered easy to run your hand one way more than the other :(
  3. autobox is supposed to be filled for life yours is a MK2 so you can only change the oil not the filter, you have to strip the box to change the filter on AG5 box take it to a good autobox place not a ford dealer get them to change it
  4. as said pm me a no Ross the octo any updates on the problem seatkid now you have had time to think about it
  5. as said pm me a no or text me on 07760731923 and i will get back to you regards Ross the octo
  6. motortek are ok he used to own the garage on the bottom of barnsly road on same side as sun in loves jag and yanks kwik fit balby go in see staff off £20 cash for the coffee fund then they umm and arr and say £25 ok thats was a couple of years ago though told you mp me a phome no for a natter pills i have loads of them take about 20 a day but such is life no idea on them Formula One(£45) bet most of them tell you we cant find the high pressure side fill you should know where it is ???
  7. i won't go near the place either i only live 3 miles from there pm me if you want to ring me to talk about it put it all in writing to vag hq copy of letter to dp and free press etc i did say dealer monkeys i wish you would have called me before regards Ross the octo
  8. main dealer monkeys just got no idea make sure they repair the sills and kill the so called teckie at there cost
  9. Severe back problems and old age (loosing my self confidence) are main reason. I'm already a bag of nerves that VW have f***ked something up (like my a/c). Booked into independent in 2.5 weeks time. <_< seatkid what part of uk are you in i did my thermostat and changed the sump gasket in about 4/1/2 hours all that would be extra to fitting a pump is the ring of pump bolts and a gasket
  10. just drop off the aux belt first may still be aircon pump clutch
  11. Seatkid alot of what you describe could be clutch related do you get the noise with your foot on the clutch not sure on mk1 is it dual mass flywheel just a thought if you move the cam belt cover out a bit there is a roller on the top of mine buy mine is a 110bhp auto reg 2000 i tried to pm you but say you can.t recieve pms??
  12. iv's still got a piston wind back tool made for a old 2,9 Granada trouble is finding it it's in the shed somewhere don't get me wrong i like the right tools too
  13. just extend the wiring but solder the wires and use electrical srinkwrap on them job done
  14. did mine with a pair of mole-grips and a long socket on a extension bar it's a PITA to get the belt back on mine being auto as well the roller on mine has some wear on it bearing is ok but the plastic roller is worn looks like it's glued to the bearing so but a bit of bearing seal on the edges so it ran into edge of the roller left over night seems solid now also my 110bhp 2000 mk1 has the over run clutch on the alternator
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