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  1. I have had this message too. Found it today well just now. I have deleted it. ;)
  2. I would just like to say a fond farewell to everyone on here for making me feel so welcome when i owned a Gal. I do miss the gal since i have sold it. I would like to add a personal thank you to all those who may have replied to any of my posts. A special thank you also goes out to the people that created this forum and help to run it, with out you guys and girls it would not be as good as it is. I hope that all it's current members enjoy it as much as i have. Thank you Stevie.m
  3. Your most welcome. Shame it was sold i hope you find your perfect van soon and if there is anything i can help you with give us a shout. Steve
  4. Try here for your car towing capacity. Is this like your caravan ? HERE if it is then it is saying 1200 kgs but you will find a plate on your van with it's maximum weight on it. HTH Stevie.m
  5. I have these mirrors they are universal and offer good vision down the side of my caravan. They are easy to fit and that only takes seconds. They are sold seperately and come either Flat or Convex. They are by far the best i have had. HTH Steve.m
  6. Hi Janey, I know this is not what you may have wanted to hear but i feel this is exactly right. No problems you say existed before the car went in but they exsisted when they came out, it is the only answer. I would be straight on the phone. I took my gal in (when i had it) to have work done but when they asked me to pick it up it was unfinished. The repairer gave me loads of b**l about what they had done but it was in a right state. If your problems were not caused by acid then it was caused by them tell your insurer and as seatkid says don't take no b**l.
  7. Hi John. Welcome to the forum. This forum is full of a wealth of information posted by very helpful people. If you have a problem and you need advice then do a search first and if that doesn't help post you questions in the relevent section. I had a 2001 galaxy they are great motors and i hope yours gives you many untroubled miles. Steve
  8. [url="http://www.uktow.com/towing%20capacity.asp#tab1"]Car and Caravan Matching Suggestions[/url]
  9. Hi Dave, welcome to the forum. I hope you are able to save loads of cash with the info on here so you can have plenty more days of fishing :lol: Stevie
  10. I took the fuse out of my old gal and ran it for a long time. I eventually got round to changing my glow plug in the heater and for me that done the trick.
  11. thank-you folks I have the kids this weekend so instead of have a drink to celebrate I am blowing out candles on chocolate cake and thanks to my Sig Other they were the relighting ones :D Gregers mate .. dont judge everyone by your own standard :16: :16: :31: Chocolate cake !!! yummmm .. I hope it's a big enough cake for all those candles ;) :D . Happy Birthday..
  12. Happy Birthday Seatkid. :ph34r: I hope you have a great day....
  13. I'm a caravanner too. Welcome to the world of the happy caravanner. Cheap and regular breaks here you come. I hope you enjoy it. Stevie.m
  14. Hi sorry for this question and yes i know that this is mainly about galaxy's but i know you lot are a clever bunch. My next door neighbour has a problem with his Van. He has an escort 75 van on a 52 plate 1.8 standard diesel which he has found to be governed. He owned a 75 on a y plate until it got side wiped last week (someone coming out of a public house DRUNK !!) and that was not governed. Is there any way to de govern this van ???? and is there any legal implications in doing this... Thank you to everyone that can reply to this Stevie m :)
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