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  1. Hi the garage weren't sure what it was called they said some kind of breather but can't find anything.
  2. Hi I have a 99 tdi and was told by the garage I have a crack in a short plastic pipe that connects to the block via a flange and it is leaking quite a bit of oil every time the engine revs. Can anyone tell me what this pipe is called so I can find a replacement?
  3. Turned out to be the head gasket. thanks for the replies.
  4. Theirs no water coming from the small pipe also the bottle stays empty until you open cap and pressure is released the coolant rushes into it then. blowers occasionally get warm but never hot then they will go cold again shortly after been turned on. will check the rear heater.
  5. Its a new battery and if I disconnect it whilst parked up it doesn't drain there is nothing left turned on anyone got any idea where the power could be going?
  6. Anyone know what would cause a big build up of pressure in the system? other symptoms are lack of heat through vents and keeps needing topped up yet there's never any puddles under the car and no coolant in the oil.
  7. Hi just bought a galaxy and its in limp mode showing these fault codes, 17946 fuel cut off valve-incorrect function and 668 power supply b+-faulty voltage-/power supply. Can anyone advise me how to fix these issues please?
  8. Hi could anyone please tell me where the sensor is located? Thanks.
  9. Hi all of a sudden there's no sound from the stereo any more I tried changing stereo and checked fuses but its not them. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. Turned out to be the pipe going to map sensor it had come loose.
  11. Turned out to be the pipe going to map sensor it had come loose.
  12. Does anyone know if you can put a mk2 dash and steering wheel onto a mk1?
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