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  1. Hi Thanks ,I will have a look,I thought it might be a weak relay,The previous owners had new curved blades fitted which i think is to much of a drag on the screen.
  2. Hi Thanks ,I have checked the ring and thats all ok. Many thanks
  3. Hi all , I have a abs light showing and with vagcom i have located the fault to the drivers front sensor, It will not reset, so its time to change,However it is siezed in the hub. How do i remove ithe old one, Its a 1999 2.3 Thanks
  4. Hi, My wiper blades work fine on full speed but on slower speeds they eventually stop, any suggestions Thanks 1999 2.3
  5. Hi , I have a abs light on and with vagcom I have located it to the drivers front, it will not reset so Its time to change,how ever it is seized in the hub, how do i remove it Thanks
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