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  1. Thanks for that Chris, excellent info. Yes, I'm totally inexperienced at working on Air Bag systems so will be very, very careful. First step is to get it into a local Ford dealership to get it interrogated (no choice there, don't have a diagnostic device of my own). Depending on outcome, may have to just sell it with this known fault and make an allowance for it's correction in the price. Sorry to see her go as it's a cracking car and at the 130 is the quickest people carrier I've ever driven but her indoors needed a car and has already bought herself a smaller one after refusing to drive wea
  2. Hi guys, Still a great site and now need to dip into your vast knowledge here! Got a nice 04 Ghia Tdi and I've finally sorted a long term leak that gave me two front jacusi's. Looks like it was the windscreen leaking after all. Thanks to all the posters on here for helping finally sorting that. I am now an expert on Galaxy leak points!! One effect of the damp seems to be the Air Bag warning light is now illuminated. I've read a lot of posts on here and to be honest, on other sites, and I'm now a bit confused. Where is the Air Bag control module located? I've yet to check but I've read of th
  3. Hi chris. Yes, I thought so. If I can, I'm going to stay and watch, not because I don't trust them but I'd like to see a bit more. Especially behind the trim on the pillars. And to see how it comes off without me resorting to Land Rover owner tactics.....bigger pry bar plus length of scaffold pole!! I may indulge my passion for information spreading and take my camera. Must admit, feeling slightly happier for first time in a while about this bloody car. Amazing how it's become an obsession...I WILL sort this! Mind you, she'll kill me if I don't. Agree Nicebutdim, it is. I've got a bit of know
  4. Hi nicebutdim! Thanks for the reply and info mate. I've read about the pins on here but the piece of vented plastic on mine doesn't seem to have or take them. I'm happy to stand corrected but there's a curved plastic strip with two 'slots' in it, the larger slot fits onto the lower, leading edge of the windscreen. The other, top groove receives an extended strip moulded to the underside of the vented trim. Fiddly to fit without pulling the strip off the bottom of the screen as you can't see it, especially when refitting the rubber seal between the scuttle and the vented trim, as you have to p
  5. One of the first tests I'd tried was to spray the windscreen area but this was before I'd properly removed the floor coverings. I decided to try this again, but this time starting low down and working up the sides and across the top, area by area. I sprayed the scuttle area and carefully around the pollen filter. The water just ran down into the wheel arches and away as it should. Next across the base of the screen. Then the lower quarter of the screen and door close line. Each time, I waited a while and checked the footwell. Nothing showed until I was near the top edge and moving across tow
  6. SWMBO birthday Sat' so didn't go near the car! The plastic coated felt(?) underlay didn't appear too far gone and I was able to leave it in a workshop area at work to dry out. It's taken about ten days just left on its own to dry in normal atmosphere but appears ok. I'll eventually refit it and tape the two edges together somehow, when I know for sure it's the windscreen. Test driving the car proved that when I turned left at the start of any journey after the car had stood for a while or overnight, in light or heavy rain, produced a small water fall of clean water down the inside of the curve
  7. Didn't realise how late it is so, moderators willing, I'll finish this tomorrow. Also realised I hadn't said thanks to crispb23456 in particular and all contributors in general. If I don't cover everything or do so incorrectly, please feel free to contribute any and all info/guidance or corrections.....lets get it all in one spot, eh? Night Rob
  8. So, rear wash pipe not connected. That'll do it, I thought. But no. she was right, it comes down the back of the footwell but doesn't wet the carpet at that point. Just the lower area. Next job was to remove the plastic scuttle tray like fitting. Opened the bonnet and using the right size socket, removed the nuts holding the wipers on. I found that it's a fiddly job to slacken the wipers off. They're splined (vertical grooves) so I tried not to be too rough but they came off eventually and by trial and error, that is bonnet open or bonnet closed, got them off the rotating pegs. I tried not to
  9. Possible causes....Leaking/disconnected sunroof drain pipes. Mine does not have sunroof so headlining dry. Roof bars/rails. Got them fitted but again, head lining appears dry and unmarked. No aerial fitted to roof so see above. Blocked 'scuttle drains'. At least on this slightly later model, the big holes from the sides of the scuttle into the wings above the wheel arches are clear, as is the length of 'shelving' running the length of the fire wall/bulkhead from wing to wing so water seems to run out either side of the wheels now. I also removed the plastic wheel arch liners (my words) with th
  10. Hi guys, There's a lot of posts on here that touch on this subject and if you've not had it, I get the impression it's only a matter of time! Both front wells on my wifes Ghia are like foot spa's. Worrying because it's not just a case of having smelly carpets but under the front passenger seat is the electronic box that controls things like the central locking and other electronic gizmos. These are safety/security devices that in most other walks of life would have the supplier crucified for very poor design/layout not to mention giving insurers apoplexy. I am not a mechanic, just like to try
  11. Funny you should mention that, a friend who used to work in a ford garage,who's also a bit stumped over this one, said they once had a galaxy in where they couldn't pin a leak down accurately but it seemed to be a failure of a seal at a point where a couple of layers of panels come together above the wheel arch/bulkhead area. He said they just ended up coating the whole area with tiger seal and that did the trick. That is on the cards here. In fact, a long handled paint brush dripping tiger may be going all over the place. I just don't like the idea of black gunky stuff visible everywhere! Als
  12. Hi Chris, thanks for the reply. To my message as well. Sorry not been on here for a while, but I'm back into the Galaxy after sorting out a leaking bathroom! What is it they say, never rains etc...It bloody does here!! To recap, both footwells are soaking. I've stripped out the sound deadening/underlay from the passenger side and can see little rivulets of water running down the curved area of the wheel arch in the passenger footwell. This is after and during rain. The car hasn't been moved for two days now but if I carefully dry the area involved, which is stripped back to just the painted m
  13. Last point for tonight, If you got a leak and you probably wouldn't be reading this if you don't, I suggest you check under the passenger seat as the same engineer/designer decided it'd be a wheeze to put an electronic device there where it can sit in it's own pool of water. As we all know, electronic devices, which are cheap as chips as the saying goes, love a bit of water. So if (I belive) your windows and central locking are a bit iffy, check this out to see if it's got it's own little jaccuzi. Night Rob
  14. Here's a pic of the carpet peeled back, showing the underlay/soundproofing being lifted prior to me cutting it along the top edge. The water below it was unbeliveable. I've got to repeat this on the drivers side too. I am so happy. All I have to do now is find the leak. The boss says she can hear water 'sloshing around' at about dash height which is usaully followed by, depending on the 'lock', water running down the trim/bulkhead carpet into the passenger side or drivers side, at the point where the bulkhead meets the door pillar. Incidentally, there is no sun roof so no drains to worry about
  15. Hi guys. I realise this topic is covered elsewhere but as it's very pertinent to me at the mo, I thought I'd join in and describe the frustrating 'water feature' in our 04 Galaxy Ghia 1.9. But first off, for other less than technically able types like me, I've included a pic of my rear wash 'connection'(?). I lifted the carpet, nothing subtle there, just mild brute force. Then, faced with the totally sodden underlay which goes across the transmission tunnel to the drivers side (part two of the tale), I considered removing the trim and all associated fittings around the gear stick. So I got out
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