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  1. Here's the reply I received from Haynes. Hi Chris This manual has been temporarily withdrawn due to a technical error. Once rectified it will be available again. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Regards Bruce TBS on behalf of Haynes Publishing
  2. Check for bulges/damage on all tyres this can give a thudding noise that increases with speed, wheel bearings can also give whining/droning sound
  3. The intank supplies the tandem pump not the auxiliary/booster heater the latter is completely separate pump mounted in front of the fuel tank adjacent to the inner sill. If you cannot hear the pump momentarily when you switch on the ignition (squelch noise) then it's not working. The intank pump keeps the low pressure lines and filter primed continually the tandem mechanical pump supplies the high pressure fuel to injectors and has a separate chamber for supplying vacuum to servo and the small vacuum lines for turbo control (N75) EGR control and manifold flap control.
  4. A long thin flat blade screwdriver at either end but go in from under the facia by the pedals, once it's off throw it as far as you can
  5. The alarm horn is on the bulkhead behind the wiper linkage.
  6. Looks like you done all the beating round the bush, getting the head off is your next step.
  7. You have combustion pressure in your cooling system. In a car running normally the rise in pressure as the engine gets hot would return to zero when cold, you have combustion gases trapped in the system until you release the cap or is released through the valve in the pressure cap if the pressure present is higher than the blow of setting of the cap. Cooling fans are not required above speeds of approximately 40MPH the ram effect will be sufficient to keep the engine a normal operating temperature. The fans will normally be running on first speed all the time aircon is on anyway providing ai
  8. If there's evidence of coolant around the battery area then it's most likely being blown out the cap under pressure. Is there any signs of excess pressure? 1.Is the system still under pressure when cold 2.fluctuating coolant level 3. Heater keeps going cold 4 With cap off does coolant spew over while engines running any of these can be attributed to head gasket failure.
  9. The nearest I've found is from here http://www.emanualonline.com/Cars/Ford/Ford-S_Max-Workshop-Repair-And-Service-Manual.html
  10. You need to cut the cup washer away enough so it passes through the inner wing panel, use a small angle grinder for this. Once the strut is off either split the nut with a chisel or grind the nut away being careful not to damage the thread. PS still looking good for a 96 car :)
  11. Go to Ford Etis. Click on vehicle lookup Put in your reg number Under where it says vehicle summary click on Generate a Ford service Schedule then continue Then either click print or preview Cambelt is near the bottom of list
  12. Sphere shaped vacuum reservoir has a single pipe behind alternator
  13. What have you put grease on? the moving parts E.G. unison ring and nozzle levers should be clean and dry, any grease or oil mixed with soot will aid premature sticking.
  14. A good place to start is replace relay 109 in the third layer of the fuse box, this is the power supply to engine ECU and injectors, these relays do suffer from poor solder joints and can cause poor running and starting issues Use the instructions below to access the relays http://www.fordgalaxy.org.uk/ford/index.php?/topic/8810-relay-30-replacement/&do=findComment&comment=68423
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