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  1. I did my 1999 Galaxy last week both front doors no graphs though. It was very simple changed everything on the mechanisum exept the barrels and handles, got the bits from my local VW garage as they seem to take more care than the local Ford one. 1) Open the door and there is one screw holding the external pull handle in place remove it (mine was a torx bit). 2) Slide the external pull handle towards the front of the car (it may be a bit stiff) 3) Gently pull the back part outwards away from the door (just enough so it clears) 4) Then slide the external pull handle towards the back of t
  2. No that's not right you put them in a suitcase in the hold then they don't have the chance to be little devils?
  3. Hi mate not had much chance to check back on this post had problems with the galaxy gearbox only just sorted it out haven't even had chance to think about the radio problem as yet. I went to borrow my sons pug to try and get my gearbox bits and ended turning back as his car developed a problem so we had to sort his out. Mines in bits undergoing a rebuild so the Mrs had the camper for work (selfish she could have walked). Hopefully i'll get chance to catch up on the radio problem over the weekend and get back to you sorry if i've messed you about in anyway.
  4. I'm with you on this one Just tell me how
  5. Do you not have a sticker on one of the door pillars telling you?
  6. Finaly got chance to check out your photos against my wiring and you were correct there is a difference Suzuki91 Just wondered if anyone else happened to have a picture of the wiring and the plugs for my model please. Ford Galaxy Gia X Any model from 1996 up to 2000
  7. Glad i'm tracking this because My wife noticed ours has been losing a small amount of water but we can't seem to find were it's coming from will have to have a good look at that?
  8. Yes please mate that would be a good start for me at least i will know what i'm looking for then. I did gat a set of a scrapper and soldered them on only to find out they are the wrong ones, (seat type) apparently i should be looking for a model between 1966 and 2000
  9. I've spent some time looking through old posts but cannot find the answer to my question (being new to the site i could have missed it). When i came to fit the CD player to my wifes Galaxy some numpty had cut off two of the three plugs (stalk control is ok). I cannot seem to be able to by the plugs had no luck in scrap yards don't even know what they should look like exactly. My local sound agent said i need to fit them or if i can tell him where the wires go he can sort it. Can anyone point me in the right direction please.
  10. I would just like to add that seems to be the same thing that happened to me so i will be tracking this article with interest
  11. Hello to everyone I recently bought my wife a Ford Galaxy 1900 TDI after reading write ups on MPV's it seemed the obvious choice for what she required. We have moved up from Volvo 740's with the extra seats because as the kids have grown it became un-practical, we bought second hand as we couldn't afford a new one and i know when you buy second hand your always going to buy someone elses troubles. Hopefuly i won't have to search the site for to many answers to problems but will find it more usfull for enjoying it.
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