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Wireless Network And Security

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Keep us in safe, keep us away of wireless cameras spying danger, we could just install a wireless video jammer.  Technology brings us convenience in our lives, wireless spying technology especially help us in many things.  It is full of wireless cameras in the street and in all kinds of buildings.  They are watching on us 24 hours.  Everything we do, every words we speack may be recorded down and could be used to against us in many situations.  That is the problem, all we do may be recorded down by a wireless cameras, which is dangerous for us.  To get us back to safety we need the wireless video jammer.  It is a kind of high technology devices that are used to block the use of wireless cameras in a certain place.  It could issue a stronger signal to cut off wireless cameras signal, so all wireless cameras affected will be out of service.
We face the same situations in audio problem.  Audio recorder could be install in telelphone and record down our conversation, it could be installed to a fix place to record our talking wirelessly.  That is extremely danerour for us.  When we are talking something that involves our secrets or privacy, we need to keep us away of illegal record.  To help us back to safety from audio recorder, we could use audio jammer.  It works in the same way like the wireless video jammer.  It could cut off audio recorder signal, so all recorder in a certain distance could not work properly. 
The wirelss video jammer and the audio jammer could help us a lot in the purpose of protecting us.  They could be used separately, they could be also combined to one device and used at the same time.  As technology develops, as more and more wireless cameras and recorders in our life, the wireless video jammer and the audio jammer play an important role in our life. 
Next lets discuss how to select a good wireless video jammer or audio jammer.  First, do you have any idea that where you will install it?  How big is the place?  Different jammer have different jamming distance, you need to know how big your place is.  Some small jammers could jam only 15 meters or 20 meters, but some bigger jammers could jam 50 meters, 100 meters or even 200 meters.  If you conference room is 10 meters long, but you buy a 50 meters jammer, it may affect your neighbours, thus cause problem unwanted.  Second, think of your need, do you want a singal function jammer or a multi functions jammer?   A signal function wireless video jammer could jam only the wireless cameras, while a multi functions jammer could jam two or more signal, like wireless cameras signal, wireless recorder signal, cell phone signal, GPS signal and others.  Third, how much you want to pay for the jammer, small jammer may cost only 30 dollars, but some professional jammers may cost you thousands of dollars.  Customers should think of his budget before buying a jammer.

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