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Hi all,


I have a Ford Galaxy 2.8 V6 4x4 Auto. It is an english 1997 "R" reg. I am planning on using it over the summer for towing through France. I am trying to work out the best weight cravan. I am thinking of 1200kg. I think the 4x4 on the galaxy will give me a bit of extra torque on hills.


I am using an Isuzu Bighorn at the moment for towing but the top speed is not good. It has 300nm of Torque and 117BHP.


The galaxy has 172bhp and about 242NM I think.


Will the galaxy be a better tower? I know the MPG will drop into the teens. It is just so much more comfortable than the Isuzu.



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I can't comment on tow weights and such details, but I can tell you from experience that my 2.8 v6 will tow at whatever speed I wan't it to. Loads of power available. I used to tow with a Rover 620 which was good, but on those long hills through Cornwall i would need to drop down to 3rd gear to maintain a reasonable speed, whereas the Galaxy will hold speed in 4th and accelerate if I drop down to 3rd on the same hills. Its very stable too with no snaking problems.

The only downside is a constant 18mpg when towing but its only a couple of times a year.

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Twin electrics aren't a problem, and are very easy if you use one of the dedicated loom / relay kits available - becomes a simple plug and play then. Worth going the extra bit and going 13 pin for both car and caravan at the same time - much more reliable connector and waterproof too.


Regards towing the caravan in France, beware that as the maximum gross train weight (car + trailer) of the Galaxy is greater than 3.5 tonnes, you will be (officially) limited to 90kmh (56mph) on motorways when towing, and 80kmh (50mph) on single carriageway roads. Will help your economy at least.



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We towed a Coachman 500/5 (approx 1300kg) with our 98 2.8 4X4 Ghia X (owned since new) over a period of over 9 years, best tow car I've driven. put it in cruise & forget it. The caravan was never able to boss the car around & never struggled even on the steepest hills. We owned a 2 litre Galaxy before & the same caravan nearly pulled it off the road with a snake

Only downside I'm affraid is we averaged a best of 13.5mpg measured (tank fill to tank fill) on nearly every trip. I'm getting the same consumption towing my drag car now (1200 kg with trailer).

We wouldn't swap ours for anything though.

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