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  1. After searching YouTube a bit, I've just realised I may be worrying about nothing. Six seconds into this video the ignition is turned on and the EML doesn't light up there either. So perhaps it's normal not to for this car/engine?
  2. I recently bought a 55-plate Galaxy 1.9 TDDi and have only just noticed that the engine management light doesn’t illuminate when the ignition is initially turned on – which I believe it’s supposed to do for a split second, in order to show the light works? All the other lights illuminate briefly, just not the EML. I’d like to figure out why this is (though perhaps I should be careful what I wish for, in case it stays on?!). I suppose it could be a bit of black tape or something over the light, but I’ve examined the dash closely and it doesn’t look like that’s it. So I took a look in th
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