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Could anyone tell me if these springs are wrong ?
they definitely don't look to be seated right ..
I put the reg NL54 NVA into ebay , and they sent "NAPA NCS1146" .

Do the springs go small at top as per

This is them , small at the top ...looks bottomed out
(I didn't put the bottom rubber back as it was torn)

This is the originals on the other side...seated higher

I tried them the other way round too

Comparison old, new


a side question ... does the shockers matter if the thicker sleeve is at the top or bottom.the old ones had the thicker at the bottom
the new ones at the top

I'm guessing they're the wrong springs?
Dunno how to find the right ones, if they are

Many thanks
ps, just ordered the coil seat...just incase it makes a difference..


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You've seen the answer on the other site for all except the way the shock absorber goes. You want the wider bit at the top, if its the other way round, it will allow debris to collect inside it. Your photo looks correct to me.

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