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Where Do I Start On This One

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Catastrophic Failure after failure,

A lot of re-coding has had to go into bringing the data back and make sure it works. 


The database and code in general where fine and could get the sites working on my local PC, however security updates and the like made it virtually impossible to make the sites work on a live environment. 


Due to constant failure and lack of funds I moved from a dedicated server to a shared server, and my issues became a lot worse with lack of control over PHP extensions which this forum needs a few of and compatibility of PHP 7.3 with software that was written using PHP 5.2, this rendered a lot of the code useless unless I could get the hosting company to downgrade. 

Mysql was also a more recent version which was not too big a worry but there were some issues there with stored procedures an table structure. 


So all in all after many weeks / months of going through it all and changing the database structure to suit along with some of the scripts I would hope we have a stable version of the forum for now. 

When my funds are in a better position I will look to upgrading the software to the later version but there is still a lot of work to do with the 20+ years of data to make it ready for upgrade. 


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Thanks for the email. Well done mate, I thought the forum was a gonner, it would have been a great shame to lose all the wealth of Galaxy related information on this site.


My Galaxy is long since retired, but I wish you best of luck keeping the site up and running, and I'll call in now and again to see how it's going B)


I'll now hit 'Post', see what happens! ;)

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Well done in which to basically get the website operational again ;) I used to use the site quite a bit a number of years ago...Still have a Galaxy Mk2 2.3 Ghia and an Alhambra SE 1.8T. However the Galaxy is in storage and I have taken the Alhambra off the road as MOT was due a couple of months ago and my local mechanic I use has not been working so frequently in lockdown due to shielding restrictions. Will hopefully get the Alhambra back in commission soon and drop in to see how the site is progressing. Keep up the good work  :) 

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Well done getting it going again, Not sure what the email referred to is about though as don't think I ever got one. Though it might have got buried under many other emails!

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