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Fitting Media System In Mk3 From Another Galaxy

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I’m new to the forum.

Have a mk3 zetec 2 Ltr.

I have added leather seats from a Titanium and found that it has Heated/cooled seats and a media system under the passengers side seat.(Visteon)

Does anyone have experience of fitting or connecting the seats as it seems a shame to have them and not connecting them.

The headrests are wired with screens and the dvd is wired to the connector under the seat with the passenger seat wired to dvd.

Can you purchase wiring looms to re fit ?

My local Ford Garage can’t or won’t answer the question and do not want to get involved in conversation about it.

I understand the same system is used in the Volvo models too.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I'd have a look under the seat, as you may find the loom already there (typically I've found Ford fit the loom but just leave the bits not needed unplugged). This won't solve missing the controls, unless they are on the seats themselves. But I've fitted eletric adjuster seats to a car that didn't have them previously and they worked straight away with no further effort needed (did have the height adjustment as electric, but the forward/back and tilt was manual originally)

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