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Forum Is Having Major Problems

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hi peeps just a heads up,the forum is having a few major problems,and as im the only 1 left now to try and keep you riff raff in order lol,thought i better put a shout out out to warn you all.

for some reason members do seem able to post up problems but we cannot access them to participate,so it looks like your posts are being ignored,

there not,its just members cannot get into them to help you.i have tried on numerous occasions to contact the site owner but this seems to have vanished into the ether.

there is lots of info found on most of the problems these cars suffer from and they found in our faqs which is in the technical section of the forum,if it still works please check in there to see if they can help you with any problems you have,


i would like to think the webmaster will appear and fix the problems sooner rather then later,because every time the forum has a melt down the forum loses more members which is a shame.


i will keep checking in every day as i have been for the last 15 since ive been a member on here,just to see if it is suddenly working properly again,please persevere,it used to be a vibrant site with a lot of knowledge given by members over the years,be a shame to lose it all.




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