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9 Inch HD LED Headrest DVD Player with USB/HDMI/IR/FM/GAME


1)Slot-in DVD loader


3)Display Resolution:800(W)*3(RGB)*480(H)

4)Built-in dual IR/FM Transmitter,FM87.7-107.5MHZ

5)With USB card reader/MP5

6)With HDMI Input and Earphone jack

7)With 1 audio/video input,1 audio/video output

8)Built-in Game Function,support 8bit and 32bit video game,along with game pad,and game disc

9)3 installation locations,can fit 99%cars in the market.Perfectly fit the original pillow

10)Available colors:Black,Beige,Grey

Zgemma star H.2S

kerui alarm

Vu Solo 4K Vu+ Solo 4K Vu+ Solo2 Vu Duo2 DM800 HD SE V2 DM500 HD VU+Solo2 VU+Solo Se V2 VU+Solo Pro V3 Mag254 HeroBox EX4 HeroBox EX3 HeroBox EX2 X Solo Mini 3 Zgemma Star H.2SZgemma Star H.2H Zgemma Star 2S


sunray SR4 h A8P Card sunray SR4 SIM2.10 Card dreambox DM800 HD SE-SIM2.2 v2 dreambox DM800SE A8P card dreambox DM800SE A8P card dreambox DM800SE SIM 2.10 DM800SE SIM 2.10 White DM800SE SIM DM800SE A8P DM800SE twin DM800SE A8P DM800 HD PVR DM800 HD PVR DM500 HD 



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