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Boot Wont Open -2006 Ghia 2.tdi

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All doors and filler cap OK but boot will not open/unlock.  There is no keyhole - just electrically unlocked with remote. 

I have read all the existing responses for this problem.  Have pulled cover partly off but even with crow bar cannot get enough space to get arm in.  I did manage to break most of the clips in my efforts. Boot cover has cut outs each side for rear bulb replacement but I cannot reach in.

There is rectangular lump in bottom of cover below right hand rear light cover (left as you face back from the inside) that presumably covers some device.


Happy to cut a hole in the cover if that's the only way but would like to know position to avoid holes all over.

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Perhaps I am doing something wrong as I have had no response? Please help.

It's a LHD Mk III Ghia.

Everything works fine except the tailgate will not open.

The tailgate has a small push button that should operate the boot release but does nothing; makes no sound locking or unlocking using the buttons on the key. So, reviewing all the previous post it seems like an electrical problem.


I am unable to remove the trim cover from inside the tailgate cover and although I can separate the cover at the top edge below the window cannot reach down to the the tailgate latch mechanism.  


Unless anyone has an other ideas it looks as if I will have to cut a hole in the door trim to access the release lever from the inside - I assume there is such a lever!?  If so, whereabouts do I cut the hole?  I would prefer just one, that I can make a simple removable hatch for rather than starting at the bottom and keeping going till i find the right place!

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Your best bet if you haven't already done so is put a post up in the mkIII section technical part of this forum > http://www.fordgalaxy.org.uk/ford/index.php?/forum/175-mkiii-technical-section/


The chances of it being seen here aren't good - hence your lack of answers.


I don't have a mkIII so can't help you but someone there should be able to assist.

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Thanks for letting me know, Brian H.  I found the answer - I will check the MkIII section  Chris

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