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  1. when was the last time you drove it like you stole it,might just need a bloody good thrash?
  2. is the cable still in 1 complete piece?if so then it may require unsiezing?you need to get a load of penetrating oil down inside.
  3. open bonnet (engine off)grab hold of engine block if you can move it then it could well be the engine/gearbox bracket.
  4. welcome to the forum,please take a look within the forum using the search facility top right of the forum,also take a look in the faqs found in the technical section.any info/answers may be in there.
  5. mmm dont sound good,but over the years the advice ive seen is always try replacing the gearbox oil a couple of times to see if it solves it??? before going down a strip down or replacement.
  6. hopefully this will help dude, http://catcar.info/ford/?lang=en&l=bWFya2V0PT1ldXJvfHxjYXRfaWQ9PTExMDAxfHxjYWJicj09R0NBMXx8dGhrPT0zfHxzdD09NjB8fHN0cz09eyIyMCI6IkV1cm9wZSIsIjMwIjoiUy1NQVhcL0dhbGF4eSBDQTEgMjAwNi0yMDE1IiwiNDAiOiI1IEJvZHkgQW5kIFBhaW50IiwiNTAiOiI1MDEwOSBCb2R5IEFuZCBQYWludC5SZWFyIFZpZXcgTWlycm9ycyBBbmQgUmVsYXRlZCBQYXJ0cyIsIjYwIjoiNTAxMDkwNSBFeHRlcmlvciBSZWFyIFZpZXcgTWlycm9yIn18fGFscGhhPT01fHxncm91cD09NTAxMDl8fHNlY3Q9PTUwMDdBTVF8fHNldD09QTE1MDEwOXx8aW1nPT1HMDE0ODg5MzA0fHxmMTI9PS05NDc4Mjg0ODArMTM3
  7. i put a link on your other post ;) dunno if it helps at all,but have a looksie round that site you might find what your looking for??
  8. welcome,this is the newest info posted but if you use the search bar at the top im sure you will find plenty more? http://www.fordgalaxy.org.uk/ford/index.php?/topic/27643-fog-lights-and-boot/?hl=lights
  9. you are correct it isnt in the faqs,but i did find a few using the search bar,take a looksie here, http://www.fordgalaxy.org.uk/ford/index.php?/topic/27424-bonnet-cable-has-come-off/?hl=%2Bbonnet+%2Brelease
  10. welcome to the forum,take a look in the faqs,found in the technical section.im sure there is detailed info on how to gain access and a how to on repairing it.
  11. thats good to know,good job getting it sorted.
  12. i seem to think it wont connect vcds as its a proper ford.unlike the tdis.
  13. welcome to the forum,im sure the info yourequire will be found in the faqs,found in the tech section of the forum.
  14. no fords here,havnt been for a few years now, but currently owning a vw t5.1 camper van as my every day mota. the wife has a Mitsubishi outlander.
  15. is the display flashing at all? try and read up on air con within the faqs found in the technical section of the forum.
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