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    When I was a lot,lot,younger, it was FAST CARS AND FAST WOMEN. Now it's old cars,but still fast women.

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    galaxy ghia '05 tdi (115)
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  1. I have just spotted this link and it still works. As this was a Ford demonstrator when I bought it two months old with 500 miles on the clock, it was fitted with loads of extras from the factory. It was interesting to see all they stuff they put on it, but noticed they never put the engine number on there. Maybe they put a bit more effort into building it for themselves, because touch wood, very little has gone wrong in nearly ten years. I bet that has put a curse on it now... :44:
  2. Found my photo, I will upload it again. They said I can take more than 15kg, and a telly and a fridge.
  3. I have just been looking at a cheap package holiday to Goa. It's with a well known company but they are cutting back on new planes. I have seen the plane on the internet, DO YOU THINK I SHOULD START TO WORRY. :o
  4. Well done Sladey, A clear explanation on how to save 500 squid. You don't have to be a motor mechanic sometimes to come up with a common sense answer. We might ask you one day how to fix a stationary 50 year old Lister pump.
  5. I'm just winding you up. Trying to put a bit of fun back into this site. I remember years ago mumof 4 got picked on by everybody, it went on for page after page. Bet she's a granny by now..... :rolleyes:
  6. Hi Craig, Don't be making work for yourself, do you really need to take the washer bottle out. Get a piece of plastic pipe and siphon the water and crud out. Stick a hose down the tank to blow the rubbish out. If the motor is working, fill it with warm water a let it flush the system out. I am not sure about the mark 3, but all the mark 2's suffered with leaking rear washer pipes. Check the passenger foot well for water, the pipe runs under the door sill. It was a clever idea of a push connector that blew apart when the rear jet was blocked. Glue it together then bind it with wire, remembering
  7. na na de na na, sticks and stones. You are just jealous we live in the sunny n/w and are more friendly. Come on chris and greg, tell us where you are hiding down south. We, sorry that doesn't sound right, I mean I, might be dragging a caravan around the south coast one day and might offer you a cup of tea. This is just a bit of fun to find what area people live in, we won't be sending you junk male, or turning up with a gang of screaming kids, sorry mumof4, no pun intended, he he he. We have cheap fuel and beer up here...lol
  8. My sister-in-law lives in Buckley, now that's a strange place.... :40:
  9. Hi, I live in Liverpool but spend most of my time in Lancashire. I still have the Galaxy and it's looking good and going strong. ps, Mold is a nice place and closer to Oulton park than my me.
  10. Well hello Ben from Preston. Tell us more, what are your problems. There are plenty of answers on this website, if you've got it, we've had it. There are people like Gregers and Chrispb123456 who have been on here for years. I think if you turn the 10 commandment tablets over, you will find they wrote on them too. he he.
  11. Don't do twitter, don't know what a snapchap is, and hate facebook. Do like the idea of local areas meeting up in a nice country pub for a shandy and comparing cars,and sharing car faults and cures. We could even invite a 14 year old spotty laptop whizz kid to plug into the cars and find all the hidden faults. I hate being old, might change my name to grumpy big wheel, but I still think talking face to face beats the virtual world. I have just spent the weekend at the classic car show in Manchester, brilliant. Everybody was so friendly and loved talking about all makes of cars. Gone are the da
  12. Did you check the pdf file, is it a con to get you in, or are they being nice. Mine stated going cloudy about 2 years ago, now it's nearly all white.
  13. Hi Chris, I'm back as well. Still got the Gal, not a problem for years until I got a flat tyre last week. I think people use the spare about 3 times in life of the car, and when you need it in the middle of the night, it BREAKS. What a stupid system, a plastic wheel that snaps in half.
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