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  1. Thanks for the email. Well done mate, I thought the forum was a gonner, it would have been a great shame to lose all the wealth of Galaxy related information on this site. My Galaxy is long since retired, but I wish you best of luck keeping the site up and running, and I'll call in now and again to see how it's going B) I'll now hit 'Post', see what happens! ;)
  2. No, it's not just you Brian :unsure: Most of the activity is on the other place now, it would be good if a way to archive all the information on here could be found.
  3. Ours is still sat on the pending pile after 15 years of ownership. I'm afraid the dreaded sill rot, together with the windscreen and a few other mechanical issues mean it's the end of the road for me. It's been replaced for now by a Vaux Insignia estate, 160bhp, easy 50-60 mpg and £30 tax. It's already saved me nearly £1500 in fuel and road tax, since last summer. The old bus will have to go for scrap value when I get round to it, and I'll have a load of spares to get rid of too. I'll still be sorry to see it go.
  4. All standard 3/16" pipe, and 10mm fittings on the Galaxy. This is the type of flaring tool I would recommend https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HAND-HELD-BRAKE-PIPE-FLARING-TOOL-3-16-SAE-ON-CAR-FLARE-LIKE-POWERHAND-bpft316/273058499060
  5. Just my two penn'orth, I've joined copper to the steel pipes on the Galaxy, it can be done with care. Use a pipe cutter, as BrianH says above, and a pipe bender is useful if you want to make a neat job. Use grease when flaring the steel, make sure it's clamped tightly, and use a good flaring tool - the cheap anvil types are hopeless for small pipe. Make sure you put the male end on the steel pipe, that way you don't have to do the double flare on the steel. For a cheap flaring tool, I would recommend the Franklin AF2003 / Powerhand type, the idea is a copy off the old Modprod Easyflare
  6. Well, I had my '99 Galaxy on the road for over 14 years, and the seized wiper assembly came quite early on. It was stripped, shafts and bushes cleaned and all greased with black Moly, and touch wood, I never had to do it a second time.
  7. Well, I had mine from 4 years old, and 22,000 miles - for which it had a FSH. After I got it, I did all the servicing and repairs, so I know it was mechanically very well looked after - only wearing parts apart from relay 30. It never saw the inside of a garage, apart from MOTs. The mechanicals are all still sound, especially for a 160k+ mile, 19 year old car, but sadly the body and underside have seen better days, I agree about the Insignia boot. For an estate, it is poor for the size of the car, and decidedly paltry at the side of the Galaxy without the rear seats. However, it's just about
  8. Could be pads tight in the caliper carrier, probably due to not cleaning the carriers up sufficiently, or possible siezed caliper slider/s. To be honest, whoever fitted the pads/discs should have spotted either issue. Take it back and point it out to them.
  9. I agree Brian, although mines in a bit of a sorry state now, you have to bear in mind that it is a 19 year old car and most of the problems have been cosmetic - only the outrigger and a very small bit of the outer sill looked dodgy for an MOT before they were done. The cosmetic stuff was fabricating & replacing new front wing bottoms, which still look great, rust around the tailgate lock, and a bit around the rear wheelarches. Sadly, the n/s sill is too far gone now, it really needs a new one and a small patch on the inner if it were to ever see the roads again. I'll be sad to see it g
  10. The mk.1 is certainly a lap belt in the centre. Didn't the mk.2 have a 3-point centre seat belt from the roof? Or have I dreamt that? Do the 6 seat cars have the full 16 floor mounts in the centre row?
  11. I'm not sure about that, I thought it was basically the same Jatco box fitted to the TDI... then again, I might be completely wrong. It might be worth checking the connectors and wiring loom around the gearbox, they are known to give problems, and could conceivably give diagnostic connection issues.
  12. Blummin' 'eck, I've only just noticed! Good to see it back, I was beginning to think it was game over. Things are still a bit wonky though, topic lists not updating, like it was before disaster struck.
  13. Probably a dealer only part, only other options are a used one or a universal cable repair kit. You should be able to find a good used one anywhere they are breaking a few Galaxys.
  14. Beware the aux belt diagram on TIS for the 2.3 engine, it's wrong! The correct routing is as per the Haynes book, like this
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