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  1. Thanks Brian and the correct springs for anyone who's interested Febi Bilstein 38675 or equivalent Cheers Liam
  2. Could anyone tell me if these springs are wrong ? they definitely don't look to be seated right .. I put the reg NL54 NVA into ebay , and they sent "NAPA NCS1146" . Do the springs go small at top as per ibb.co/zG130k3 This is them , small at the top ...looks bottomed out (I didn't put the bottom rubber back as it was torn) ibb.co/2sm2tZH This is the originals on the other side...seated higher ibb.co/nBBLmnQ I tried them the other way round too ibb.co/8MR1Xhv Comparison old, new ibb.co/h9gysBt ibb.co/Ms6MNdW a side question ... does the shockers matter if
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