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  1. I've just purchased one from ford RC82 remote not bad it cost £37.99 + vat £44.50 total. Rare to find on ebay
  2. Hi all Hopefully someone can shed some light. Had this galaxy 2.0 ghia 143 Bhopal for 4 months now, finally getting around to looking at screens and dvd. Checked fuse on back of travel pilot ex and is ok, head unit and 6 disc changer working ok. No life in screens or DVD player despite buying a new remote from ford as the old one looked dropped damaged. Where do I start looking? As their is some confusion about fuse or fuses location for this system. And someone mentioned about a dvd control module? Where do I find this and if so what does it look like? Which are the live wires from head unit
  3. I also have same model galaxy and same screen DVD system, unfortunately my appears completely dead. I recently purchased a brand new remote from ford for £44.00 inc vat . Fuse on back of radio travel pilot ex is ok, need to trace which colour the power wires are to the DVD player so I can check for breaks in the wiring loom. Should the DVD player under the seat have a fuse in the back of it, does anyone have a picture of the back of their working system so I can compare wiring and plugs in back of unit? Also someone mentions about a DVD control unit? If this is correct Where is this located an
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