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  1. Awesome and thank you! After 24 years I still have my 1996 Galaxy on the road and rely on this site to keep it there.
  2. Sorry for the delay. Yes. It seemed quite a big job but once I did it I thought it was pretty straight forward (aren't they all) . I supported the sub frame on a trolley jack and once everything was disconnected it lowered out nicely. When I put the pinch bolt back into the steering column on re-assembly, it did round off a bit and I wasn't sure if it had tightened it up sufficiently so I get another one from the local ford garage. (interestingly It appeared to be a harder metal).
  3. Hi, Can't comment on the MK2 but just replaced my MK1 Steering Rack and didn't need any special tools. Would reccomend using 6 point sockets though and a good breaker bar when doing anything underneath the car. Rusty nuts and bolts never easy to get off with 12 point sockets.
  4. Thanks BrianH. Just got the old Rack off last night and will now take a closer look. Got a feeling it may be a case of trying different o-ring kits (providing the material is suitable)
  5. I have to replace the steering rack on my 1996 MK1. Mr Haynes recommends replacing the O Rings on the steering pipe. Unfortunately my local Ford dealer is unable to source these and I have had no luck also. Has anyone not replaced these, re-used them by turning them over or does anyone know what the dimensions are so that I can potentially order some equivalents in before I start the job.
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