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    Towbar for 2008 Galaxy for sale. Fitted mid June, managed 3 trips before writing the car off in October :-( Salvage yard was going to charge me to take it off so left it but it has turned up today. Sensible offers and I will post it out.
  2. not sure what a regen is but question no longer relevant as I managed to write the car off......... brilliant safety cage, I thought it was just a bump until I saw the BMW on its side with a wheel rolling down the road......
  3. yes - no messages!!! It hasn't come back tho not had any long journeys since..... going to Swindon on Tuesday so that is around 4 hours which will give it a chance to happen again
  4. still no idea what it is as not heard it since then so did not bother to go for diagnostics. NOT the low fuel warning as I let it get low and that is a ding-dong sound with a fuel pump light.
  5. rang the local Ford garage who said call down, went straight down and saw someone different who said I had to book it in for diagnotics whic would cost £55 + VAT.... went a mile further to friendly local garage who said try putting in fuel in case it was just that and if not call in on Weds when they have more time and they will run diagnostics for free..... £30 of fuel put in. No boings at all this morning even before I did that
  6. Any offers what it means please??? Just a single chime - but it repeated every few minutes. No warning lights, still had over 120 miles of fuel left according to the display and not near the red on the guage (cannot remember what the warning sound was when I did get low before). Been a looooooooooooong day and had to come back the long way on the main roads just in case it was something serious!!! Thanks.
  7. I have a 1.8 2008 TDCi and it tows my Compass Rallye 2 berth (sorry, not sure what the weight of it is) with no problems. Was a major panic when the Hyundai died a week before going away so this was the first car I looked at that was ok on the Caravan Club towcar/van report..... all ticks apart from a warning that it could be sluggish on hills - living in West Wales the hills are plentiful but they are also very windy and not designed for speed regardless of whether you are towing so that was not a worry for me. Yes I did have to change down more than with the Hyundai but that was a 2.9l so
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