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  1. Gteuk

    Here I am making A test Album

    This is a test album to be able to show you all the details I have added to my car, but for now I am going to post random pictures.
  2. I will try to revamp this in the form of blogs, I am sure the info is still in the database, I just have to find it :D
  3. Well it was needed and I an glad to say it is done. We have lost a few features along the way - Arcade, browsers and mobiles give a lot less to no support for use of flash games anyway - Garage module - this is a massive shame but like everything else it became obsolete and was not updates for years by the developer. - Shout Box - again never used and in my opinion obsolete as it was a mechanism for spam Whats New then ?? - The site will be more stable for more years to come :D - Embedding of media should be easier - Galleries will be introduced soon - Introdu
  4. Catastrophic Failure after failure, A lot of re-coding has had to go into bringing the data back and make sure it works. The database and code in general where fine and could get the sites working on my local PC, however security updates and the like made it virtually impossible to make the sites work on a live environment. Due to constant failure and lack of funds I moved from a dedicated server to a shared server, and my issues became a lot worse with lack of control over PHP extensions which this forum needs a few of and compatibility of PHP 7.3 with software that was written using
  5. I was in Germany Last week and came across the PV Box solar generator, basically a self contained box that measures 70cm cubed which holds solar panels, batteries, charge regulator and inverter. It is designed to generate electricity where no electrical supply can be gained. The PV Box Solar Generator will have so many uses but I can easily see how useful it will be in the caravan community. The box is easily transportable and on wheels, when you get to the location you just fold it out without the use of any tools and you have instant power. ideal for fridges, TVs, Consoles, Computers a
  6. I have checked and double checked the code in the forum code and it looks clean. I have however as a precaution cleared all the cache files and locked the files down. I will keep an eye on it as I would not want the site to be blacklisted for malware by google
  7. may have to upload again as I swapped servers yesterday :( there was a time delay in the swap for some stuff
  8. Post you silly stuff here, find the funniest pictures and post them here :D Examples
  9. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buckley :P
  10. oulton park is close but would need more members for a meet :D
  11. Obviously this is not one for when you have loved ones in the car but need to know if others do this and how often fuel gauge is saying I need fuel or it saying low miles left in tank The challenge You know you need fuel but you decide that it too expensive and drive on until you find a cheaper garage or because you think ahh it will be alright cos the queues are huge or whatever reason you decide to do the chicken run The aim Get to a garage you prefer without totally running out of fuel and being stranded the consequence A long walk or embarrassment in front of the AA / RAC / Green Fl
  12. Ok People lets get the ball rolling and finding out which part of the UK we are all from, this may be handy for other like minded people that want to meet up and share their passion for the blue oval bus. I don't own a Ford Galaxy but I do own a Ford I live in North Wales Just outside of a sleepy town called Mold If you want to find me just follow the fast ford with a tail of smoke due to crappy EGR
  13. OK so my scary baby profile pic was not everyone's cup of tea so I changed it, For those that do not have a profile pic yet feel free to add one using settings at the top right of the forum page.
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